4 Pines Brewing Brookvale

What better way to let beer lovers enjoy the freshest beer possible, while standing in the inner sanctum of a working brewery?

There’s something about ‘lifting the curtain’ and being able to see the processes, time and love that goes on behind the scenes. At 4 Pines, beer is all about getting the basics right, but supporting this with innovation, attention to detail and a little craftsman flair - it’s also really important to be able to showcase the beer fresh.

From a beer perspective it is purely 4 Pines, the bar is built into an old Dodge showcasing 21 taps, including the core range crowd pleasers and rotating taps to showcase the large variety of our small batch ‘Keller Door’ range. Wine is also available for the yet-to-be converted.

Contact Information

4G, 9-13 Winbourne Road, Brookvale
(02) 9976 2300
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